WISD Concussion Info

Return to Play Guidelines for Parents

Waxahachie ISD has developed a protocol for managing concussions. This policy includes a multidiscipline approach involving neuropsychological testing, athletic trainer clearance, physician referral and clearance, and successful completion of activity progressions related to their sport. The following is an outline of this procedure. Your son/daughter must pass all of these tests in order to return to sport activity after having a concussion.

  1. All athletes who sustain head injuries are required to be evaluated by our team physician or their primary care physician. They must have a normal physical and neurological exam prior to being permitted to progress to activity. This includes athletes who were initially referred to an emergency department.
  2. The student will be monitored daily at school by the athletic trainer and school nurse. His/her teachers will be notified of their injury and what to expect. Accommodations may need to be given according to physician recommendations and observations.
  3. The student will be given a neurocognitive test 48 – 72 hours after the concussion. All athletes in contact sports will have this assessment prior to their season to form a baseline. Waxahachie ISD utilizes the ImPact software program for this. The athlete’s post-injury testing data must be within normal limits before he/she is released to activity.
  4. The student must be asymptomatic at rest and exertion.
  5. Once cleared to begin activity, the student will start a progressive step-by-step procedure outlined in the Prague statement. The progressions will advance at the rate of one step per day. The progressions are:
    • a. No activity until athlete is symptom free and neurocognitive testing returns to baseline norms.
    • b. Physician clearance to begin activity
    • c. Light aerobic exercise with no resistance training
    • d. Moderate aerobic exercise with no resistance training
    • e. Non-contact training drills with resistance training
    • f. Full contact training drills
    • g. Note – Athlete progression continues as long as athlete is asymptomatic at current activity level. If the athlete experiences any post concussion symptoms, he/she will wait 24 hours and start the progressions at the previous asymptomatic level.
  6. Once the student has completed steps 1 through 6, he/she may return to their sport activity with no restrictions.